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Bighorn Investments is a case study of one of my largest projects to date. As lead designer, I completed the end-to-end designs and information architecture of the entire application suite, including a mobile, web and admin management portal.

For privacy purposes, the name and branding on this project have been changed.

My Role

Client facing, Lead Product Designer



Bighorn Investments Mobile

Mobile Screenshots.png
To begin the project, a feature summary and user flows were created using Whimsical, which was my reference material for first building high fidelity mobile designs. Due to time constraints, we skipped creating low fidelity wireframes and started with mobile UI style guides based on branding provided by the client.

Below are screenshots of key screens creating at the beginning of the design phase, as well as the complete prototype and edit view of my working Figma file.

Key screens for the entire project included the following: Login, Home, Accounts, Events, Strategies, Notifications, Contact, Profile, Documents Management, and a Newsfeed.

Bighorn Investments Web

The second part of this project included converting all mobile screens to web. Both are identical for Bighorn users and feature the same key screens and additional flows. 

Below I've included screenshots of identical web Bighorn key screens as seen in mobile.

Bighorn Investments Admin

The third and by far most complicated piece of design in this application suite was the admin management system. This required extensive back and forth between developers, myself and the client to ensure that content in the mobile and web apps were accurately tracked in the admin system.

The most difficult parts of the Admin system were ensuring balance uploads reflected correct amounts after an upload from a .csv file, a Docusign API integration, and ensuring that user accounts were linked correctly to the their entities, funds, and sub-fund investments.

A prototype of this system is available upon request.
This project was one of the most complex and difficult projects I've ever had the privilege of working on, but the design phase is complete and set to launch an MVP application to the public by December 2022.
Notable challenges in this project included the following:
1. Client terminology. Bighorn created a unique set of definitions for things like funds, hedge funds, and single purpose vehicle funds for marketing purposes and to set themself apart. Getting myself, project managers and developers up to speed on these definitions was a challenge especially given language barriers between all of us.
2. Numerous User Personas. With the mobile, web and admin portals required for designs, this required thinking about multiple user personas at once to ensure that my designs accomplished what the end user and admin needed from the application suite.
3. Understanding Finance. I do not have a background in finance and my understanding of the intricacies of this industry were limited going into this project. The client was extremely willing the help me understand what I like to call " Finance 101" and our collaborations were ultimately fun and successfull! 


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