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My Role

Lead Product Designer




Dream Fit is a case study of an application redesign I worked on for an already existing fitness app. The client wanted a to spruce up their existing UI to ensure that the application met accessibility standards and add some new features that had been requested by existing users. As lead designer, I completed the end-to-end designs and information architecture for the mobile application.

While this is a real client project, for privacy purposes, the name and branding on this project have been changed.

Dream Fit Mobile & Updated Features

To begin the project, a feature summary was outlined during the sales cycle which was then used to inform user flows. The feature summary and user flows were my reference material for creating high fidelity mobile designs and an interactive prototype. Due to time constraints, we skipped creating low fidelity wireframes and started with accessibility testing the current mobile UI based on branding provided by the client.

Below are screenshots of key screens from bottom navigation highlighting the updated UI and new features we designed in Figma. 

Key features for the entire project included the following: An Updated Home Screen, Food, Recipes & Macro Tracking, Updated Workouts Pages, and Community.


This project was a lot of fun to work on and solving for the issues presented by already existing users, the client, and developers was an exciting challenge. Being able to design something bright and lighthearted that helps users feel good in their everyday lives was a huge privelige. 
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